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Our clients and projects

A selection of our current projects/clients/partners:
  • Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland - disability awareness in higher education and SME settings
  • University of Iceland - disability awareness in higher education settings
  • Cyprus Adult Education Association - disability awareness in SMEs
  • St John Ambulance, England - dyslexia awareness for national training managers
  • Dyslexia Association Birmingham, England - fundraising, development
  • Northamptonshire Dyslexia Association, England - fundraising, projects
  • CPRE Northamptonshire, England - project design, fundraising
  • Padova University, Padova, Italy - disability awareness in higher education settings
  • Euroinform, Sofia, Bulgaria - disability awareness in administrative settings
  • FEPAMIC, Cordoba, Spain - disability awareness in disability settings
  • Northampton Town Football in The Community, England - fundraising and project design, various projects
  • Northampton Town Multi-Disabled Football Club, England - capacity development support
  • Mobex NE, England - business development and communications
  • Gateshead Council, England - teaching and lifelong learning delivery 
A selection of our previous projects/clients/partners:
  • BBC Education
  • Channel 4 Television
  • British Film Institute
  • Milton Keynes Council
  • Tyne Tees Television
  • British Deaf Association
  • British Dyslexia Association
  • Panagia Philanthropini, Ormylia, Halkidiki, Greece
  • Polskie Towarzystwo Dysleksji (Polish Dyslexia Association)/Gdansk University
  • Blacks Leisure UK Ltd
  • Levi Strauss UK Ltd
  • Adult Continuing Education, Milton Keynes
  • Employment and Disability Service, East Midlands
  • The Herb Society UK
  • CPRE Leicestershire
  • Staffordshire Youth Service
  • Connexions
  • Project INCA
  • Project GOAL!
  • Project INCLUDE - dyslexia publication, production management and design in five EU languages
  • Project NETability - increasing disability football club capacity
  • Project DAWN - project management, accessible website build project
  • Project N'TRAIN - project evaluation, anti-racism community football project
  • Buckinghamshire County Council - sensory loss services strategic review
  • Project FoodMiles - primary schools education project for CPRE